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Ethiopia is endeavoring to provide favorable conditions for investment by introducing new laws and institutions and revising existing ones. The new investment proclamation No. 1180/2020 can be cited as an instance of the ongoing legal reform in Ethiopia.

At ELO, we work on a quite broad range of services with foreign and domestic investors who wish to establish and operate in Ethiopia. With our knowledge of international and domestic investment law and experience as corporate lawyers, we can minimize risks that may be present and provide advice that adds value to your affairs.

Our attorneys closely with our clients in advising on the regulatory environment facilitate upon the entry of their investments, assist the establishment of their business, advice on fiscal incentives, the acquisition of facilities, repatriation of profits and measures against expropriation and negotiate and draft the agreements needed to invest in a foreign market.

Our law office will give you legal services in the following areas under the Ethiopian investment law:

  • Helping clients choose the best form of investment tailored to their needs;
  • Processing investment permits on behalf of clients;
  • Processing work and residence permits; and
  • Processing tax identification certificates,
  • And many more.