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Endris Amino Law Office – ELO is a full-service law office dedicated to providing the highest quality legal service to clients in Ethiopia and abroad. We have a decade of experience in business law, intellectual property law, investment law, real estate law, employment law, immigration law as well as in banking & insurance law. ELO is dedicated to only providing comprehensive, dedicated, and innovative solutions to meet your legal needs and ensure that you receive the best possible outcome.

Our current clients include local, foreign and multinational businesses, business associations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). We advise businesses on numerous operational and ownership issues and assist them in anticipating issues that may arise in pursuing their business and corporate strategies. We have a successful track of helping clients through conducting legal due diligence of companies, commercial registrations & business licensing, investment permits & residence permits as well as civil and charity organizations (INGOs) registration and licensing. While rendering service to our clients, we successfully managed to undertake different matters at the Ethiopian Investment Commission, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Industry, Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority, Agency for Civil Society Organizations (ACSO-Ethiopia), and many other government agencies.

ELO provides a wide range high quality Corporate and Commercial Business Organizations focused legal services ranging from Choice of Business Entity, Process of Formation, Type of Governance, Nature of Ownership, Operational Matters, Combinations, Acquisitions, Dispositions, and Dissolutions of such Entities to local and foreign investors in Ethiopia. As a Corporate law office in Ethiopia our law office’s Corporate and Commercial practice is further strengthened by the broad experience of our corporate lawyers in Addis Ababa and throughout Ethiopia in areas of Tax, Corporate, commercial, Partnership, Securities, Real Estate, Nonprofit, Intellectual Property, Banking, Insolvency, Fiduciary and Limited Liability Law.

Our Corporate Attorneys in Addis Ababa and throughout Ethiopia have significant experience in the formation and registration of many clients including Sole Proprietorships, General and Limited Partnerships, Partnership or Joint Ventures, Private Limited Companies (PLC), Share Companies(SC), and Non-Profit Companies (CSOs and NGOs) in Ethiopia. We facilitate and handle Incorporation, Commercial Registration, Investment License, and Business License. We further extend our legal advice and legal support concerning Labor and Employment Issues, Unfair Competition, Merger and Acquisition, Tax, and others related to the Government Regulatory Bodies.

Whether it is drafting or negotiating contracts, advising on structuring deals, or handling mergers and acquisitions, we possess the required expertise and experience to help our esteemed clients achieve their goals. Our profound representation in litigation extends from trials before the court of law to administrative & quasi-judicial agencies and arbitration tribunals in Ethiopia.


At ELO, we strive for law practice excellence, by consistently delivering highly-skilled, ethical, and committed legal representation to our clients. With our experience and in-depth knowledge of the market, we work together for greater standards of service and continuous assistance to the client.


At ELO, we strive to be the leading, trusted, and reliable law office in Ethiopia by excelling for our clients at every level.